//omygod roleplaying icons pls for cillian aka michael fjordbak srsly that guy need more gifs but hoshit idk that roleplaying icons are the new 'gifs' i-- hi can i request michael fjordbak roleplaying icons, yes? Thank you, darlings! :)

Hello there! We truly apologize for the lateness of making your icons, as we have been reaaaal busy these days! Anyways, here is the link to your icons~!

- ‘Ponine

Michael Fjorbak icons.

Icon count: thirty-six

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I heard from a little birdy that my little gonna be joinin’ us soon, eh? That’s pretty cool, I guess.

~ Éponine

Note: We have a new member to the PJORP Help Blog- our very own Lucypie (who will be taking the alias of Gavroche)!! Yay! So in honor of her, why don’t you all send us some requests?

~ Nicat uwu

Hey guys any chance you can make some Maia Mitchell icons?

Well, hello there!

I’ve made a few Maia Mitchell icons from the first episode or two from The Fosters, since her character is a lot more sassy and sullen on this show than on others I’ve seen her in. *coughs* MORTIFIED *coughs*

But enough of the jibber-jabber! Here’s the download link!


(do not forget me)

Maia Mitchell roleplaying icons.

Icon Count: 41

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Javert looks this smouldering because he’s discovered a new talent—he can make roleplaying icons! (About time, I know right? But he’s a little slow on the uptake.)

Although Javert has holiday homework police things to do, he’s going to help try and go through the icon requests in our askbox so everyone might get icons soon and Eponine won’t be so stressed out! uwu What a bro, I swear.

On that happy note, remember the askbox is open, and a list of all the different things we can do is located here!


Lea Michele roleplaying icons.

Icon Count: 44

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To everyone who requested icons,

I truly apologize for not making your icons a lot sooner. I am quite busy these days and won’t have time to maker them until the 18th so, yep, I hope you all can wait until then!

~ Nicat/Eponine

Hi, my FC is Emily Rudd, and to be honest, since she's a model, I can never find any gifs/images of her with any other expression than happy/surprised etc. Do you know anywhere where I could find any pics/gifs of her with different expressions?

Well, there are a lot of pictures of her with different expressions but not so many gifs~

I found this GIF hunt of her and I hope it suffices.

Also, if you ever need any roleplay icons of her, though, just send in an ask and I’ll do it ASAP!

- Eponine

if you make me some Connor Ball icons I'll not add you to my list :3

List? Oh, I hope it isn’t a list for bad people

Anyways, I couldn’t really find any screencaps of Connor Ball so I used gifs and their frames instead hahaha i’m a genius

Here is the download link~

- ‘Ponine